Monday, July 13, 2009

Casting call - Toronto and other cities. Rip- off.

To all parents of children between 6-18 y.o. They do it every year, over and over. They go from one city to another to make their "castings". My friend suffered from agency like that several years ago - I'm not sure if it was them or not.
Free audition to lure parents into buying acting for their kids.

My husband heard commercial on the radio yesterday that apparently all over Ontario "It was advertised that "Kids needed for audition for movies. Casting director from Los-Angeles are coming to select kids for upcoming movies"

He made an appointment for our children. They told us to come next week at 140 Spadina Ave, Suite 201, Toronto, M5V 2L4 . Phone 416-640-1919
They told us to dress nice and wished us good luck. Not a word about the money, or a word that it's just another, one in a thousand "acting school" that lure parents in with dishonest advertising.
I knew that it sound too suspicious, no one going to come from Hollywood looking for your kids.

I made a research and sure enough found out that it's parents rip-off like many other "talented agency" do. They are indeed talented in ripping off the parents, making fake promises and taking money from poor kids. Read more what they have done to this mother:

Be careful and aware. Scams are in progress.
It's so sad that dishonest advertising lure parents into this BS, people waist money time and resources just to find out at the end of the "casting" what it was all about. Sometimes they don't even realize than.

Disclaimer: I'm not against "talented and modeling agencies or whatever they are", I'm against dishonesty.
Tell the parent upfront that you are just a school, tell them about money aspect - don't waist children's money. Mothers and father work hard to meet their children's need and agencies like yours taking last from them by luring and manipulating . Indeed - acting agency. Shame.

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